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We have examined with great appreciation the news published in (Riyadh, economic) on last Tuesday under the title of the branches of building permits the expansion of resettlement opportunities for housing; which embodies the approach the secretariat of the Riyadh region to contribute to meet the demand for residential products; and distribution of licenses is an important step for the expansion of housing. To hide the on one of what the Secretariat of the city of Riyadh from making persistent efforts and commendable effort of His Highness Prince Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed bin Ayyaf HE Dr. Ibrahim Al-Buthe. Assistant Secretary of the city of Riyadh to improve the quality of the services had recently been a number of initiatives actors to provide services to residents of the city Riyadh and that what was done by the Secretariat of decentralization would have the issuance of building permits to all municipalities in the sub-city of Riyadh with a view to the distribution of workload and lack of accumulation of transactions in the Department of Home Affairs licenses.
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