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HE Waleed bin Abdullah bin Saedan the chairman of affordable house realestate company said ,The support of the Real Estate Development Fund will help to reduce waiting lists in real-estate fund rate of 133 thousand requested ,Indicating that such an increase would make more demand for residential land ,It restores mobility of real estate ,although initially may be fluctuated in price indicating that there are concerns from the exploitation of decisions by the weak people of both property owners or merchants of building materials or construction companies, And development of land grants ,To stabilize the situation in the real estate sector is reluctant to anyone who wishes to exploit the liquidity coming also Ben Saedan explained,that the Fund's support comes in support of the housing sector and stimulate the real estate sector from time to time. And that because of the power of the country economic . The support of The Real Estate Development Fund of 40 billion riyals, after the Fund has for decades suffered a shortage of allotments and a weakness in repayment from the borrowers,Real Estate Development Fund has finished in 2009, more than 33 thousand loan for the construction of 41 thousand housing units in various parts of Saudi Arabia valued at more than nine billion riyals, Through six Payments at a rate of every two months.
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